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4 Tips for parents to make your kids love shower Fun and Kid-Friendly Bathing Soaps

Children often resist taking a bath, even though it can be a pleasant, relaxing, and fragrant activity. Experts have different opinions on why kids throw tantrums during bath time, ranging from past unpleasant experiences with warm water to fear of water itself or simply finding the bathing routine uninteresting. So, how can you turn bath time into an exciting event? We’ve gathered some helpful tips to make bathing a joyous experience for your little ones.

  1. Transform Bathing into Swimming Kids might not be enthusiastic about taking a bath, but they eagerly anticipate swimming in lakes or the sea during summer. To capture their interest, tell them that bathing at home is just like swimming. Relate it to a fun adventure and emphasize the similarities between the two activities.
  2. Incorporate Toys and Imaginary Games Keep your child engaged during bath time by providing various activities, such as bath toys and imaginary games. You can play word games or solve riddles together depending on their age. Additionally, consider organizing themed bathing days where you explore topics like wildlife, space, or their favourite cartoon characters. By taking a creative approach, you can turn bath time into an eagerly anticipated activity.
  3. Enhance the Ritual with Delicious Scents and Soft Foam Make the bathing ritual truly unforgettable by using delightful scents and creating a soft foam that surrounds your child, making them feel like they’re sitting on a fluffy cloud. Nowadays, you have numerous options to choose from, including classic bath foam, bath balls, and a brand new product from STENDERS – slime soaps – that come in tempting aromas. The texture of this soft jelly-feeling soap resembles a gentle and stretchy gel, providing a delightful sensory experience for kids. Start by letting your child pick their favourite scent from options like Mango Tickles, Dancing Lime, Strawberry Superstar, Coco Loco, Bossy Blueberry, Cola Candy, Merry Cherry, Bubble Trouble, or Raspberry Rockstar. To add to the excitement, the soft soap also contains shiny particles that will bring joy to your child’s eyes.
  4. Vary Bathing Times Avoid making bath time feel like a strict routine by scheduling it at different times. For instance, have a bath in the evening one day, in the morning the next, and in the afternoon the day after. Experts suggest avoiding Sunday evenings for bathing, as it may be associated with the start of a new week and the return to kindergarten or school.

At Stenders Australia, we aim to bring happiness to both children and parents. Create unforgettable and fun bathing experiences for your kids with our innovative and fragrant products, accompanied by thoughtful rituals.

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