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Carrot juice

Carrot is not only a valuable vegetable in our diet, but also an excellent ally in the care of the skin and hair. Carrot, in cosmetics, is known thanks to the leaf extract, its floral powder and juice. Carrot juice is very rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C and mineral salts; it gives the skin light and vitality. As a natural antioxidant it slows skin ageing, brightens the skin and reduces inflammation, and thanks to the high vitamin content it is a real elixir for our skin as it protects it from the sun; it also re-hydrates the skin and has healing properties. Carrots come rich in beta-carotene, the substance that gives them their orange colour, but added in skincare products it is a natural self-tanning ingredient and helps prepare your skin for tanning, offering an immediate good-looking effect.

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