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Shaped by our Nordic heritage, since 2001, STENDERS has been bringing a Nordic mindset into every bathroom in the world.

We honour an outstanding figure in European history, Gotthard Friedrich Stender – a keen inventor of the Enlightenment times who wrote the first encyclopaedia – The book of high wisdom of the world and nature. He inspires us to keep striving for knowledge, excellence, and creativity, while always respecting nature.From the very beginning, the essence of our brand is to create high-quality and efficient products inspired by nature – Nordic bath delights. We tell the story behind it – synchronising our origins and bath rituals with the Nordic nature and ingredients around us.

We are bath ritual experts. We believe bathing includes way more than just simple washing. It's about the aroma that sets the mood, the water temperature that complements it, and the accessories that inspire. We spend a lot of time researching and testing, fully embracing the joy of missing out on things and enjoying me-time.

Me-time is a conscious act when you take the time to recharge your batteries and connect with yourself. Whether it's early morning when you turn a quick shower into an invigorating ritual or the end of the day when you plunge into a foam-filled bath to regain peace. It's time you are present with yourself and your mind and body. It's your me-time.

You will sense the quality through unique textures, shapes, effects, and beautiful aromas & colours. It goes hand in hand with safe ingredients, sustainability, functionality and actual feelings - a cornerstone of our product quality.

Our wise ancestors believed that bathing not only cleansed the body but also rejuvenated the soul. Coming from Northern Europe, we appreciate the rich nature and valuable ingredients found at our latitude. Centuries of picking herbs and berries have made us nature-savvy, and we know best how to use the power of natural ingredients in our products.We pay great attention to small details and quality, which is why soaps and bath bombs are still hand-crafted. We follow global trends and identify ways to improve packaging and ingredients to be even more environmentally friendly. We have our quality policy for working inside STENDERS and increasingly sustainability-minded and responsible partners. Our work have been appreciated by industry experts worldwide. Our soap clay won the prestigious RedDot 2021 International Product Design Award, while gel to mousse received the NAPA Baltic Packaging Design Award.

Our pride is our team. STENDERS brings together more than 180 professionals from chemistry, biology, product development, marketing, design, manufacturing, customer service, and more. We all are inspired by nature and the opportunity to look beyond the horizon to offer something unprecedented. Every product and idea is created in our creative centre and carries the spirit of a great team. When modernising our production facilities – we hold handmade where it adds the highest value.

You will find the essence and richness of the Nordic mindset in every bathroom worldwide, appreciating joyfulness, the Nordic philosophy, and quality embodied in more than 450 products. Made from ingredients of natural origin and sold in more than 300 STENDERS shops worldwide.