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A cup of steaming-hot coffee for many of us is an integral part of our morning ritual – it wakes up our senses and gives additional energy for a new day.
Caffeine, which is the main component in coffee, is a compound found in nature in a number of plants – coffee beans, tea leaves, cacao seeds, etc. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on a human body – it activates central nervous system, as well as speeds up metabolism.
Due to its ability to speed up metabolism, caffeine has become a popular ingredient for weight-loss and slimming treatments and is widely used in body care products with slimming and texture improving effect.
When applied to skin, caffeine accelerates circulation, thus decreasing the size of fat cells. This not only helps you redefine your body contours, but also improves skin’s texture and condition, leaving it smooth and feeling firmer and supple.

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