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Spearmint essential oil

Spearmint or garden mint (lat. – Mentha spicata) is a plant related to the well-known peppermint but with a softer, sweeter aroma and intensely invigorating properties. Spearmint contains less menthol that gives the powerful cooling effect we are used to when we apply peppermint essential oil.Essential oil of spearmint is extracted from the leaves of the plant and the fresh fragrance of the oil gives an immediate inflow of energy and an invigorating feeling. It effectively calms a disturbed mind, invigorates, tones and strengthens the body. Essential oil of spearmint can be an excellent addition to skin cleansing product formulas as it helps to refresh and revive the skin making it radiant. Also added to hair care product formulas it promotes growth of hair and gives vitality. 

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